[February 1, 2021]

The “spamcop.net” domain has been renewed and the RBL has started working normally again. We have now re-enabled this RBL on our platform.

Any of your IPs blacklisted on this RBL will be marked as such after the next automatic check ran on your account.

[January 31, 2021]

The “spamcop.net” domain name has expired and the RBL “bl.spamcop.net” has started marking every IP as being blacklisted.

Our internal monitoring system has noticed the unusual increase in blacklistings comming from this particular RBL and we have decided to disable it in order to prevent further false positive alarms.

If you’ve already received notifications about being blacklisted on this RBL, you can safely ignore them. The next automatic blacklist check on your monitors will correct the false positive blacklisting in your blacklist reports.

We’re closely watching as the situation develops further, and if the domain is renewed and the RBL fixed, we’ll re-enable it on our platform.