This feature will help you find the monitors that you’re looking for much faster, by automatically completing your search queries based on your monitors’ labels, categories, and based on your previous search terms.

The autocomplete is currently implemented on your Blacklist Monitoring dashboard ( and on your Uptime Monitoring Dashboard (

Here’s how it works.

When you start typing in your search term, it automatically provides you with the most likely terms that you wish to search for.
This is all based on your current monitors’ labels/categories and based on your Search Cloud, which tracks your most searched terms.

Your most searched terms (which are being fed from your Search Cloud) will be displayed first, as it is more likely that you will wish to search for those terms again.
If you remove certain search terms from your Search Cloud, they will no longer appear in your search autocomplete.

The autocomplete search is enabled by default on your account, but if you wish to do so, you can disable it from your Account Settings: