RBLs: bl.nszones.com, dyn.nszones.com

RBL type: IPv4 blacklist

Website: http://www.nszones.com/

SBL Lookup link: http://db.nszones.com/sbl.ip? (replace with the IP you wish to lookup)
DYN Lookup link: http://db.nszones.com/dyn.ip? (replace with the IP you wish to lookup)

Delisting link: <provided on the lookup page for each IP address>

Contact link: http://www.nszones.com/contact.shtml

Contact details: You can contact this RBL by filling up the form found on their contact page, linked above.

Delisting procedure: First you would need to solve the issues on your server or network, that got your IP blacklisted in the first place. Then, proceed to looking up the IP address on their website (links provided above). On each lookup result page, you will be presented with delisting buttons.

Additional info: Delisting from the DYN blacklist appears to be free of charge, however you may be asked for a sum of money when attempting to delist your IP from the SBL blacklist. Some sources claim this RBL is fake or scam for asking delisting fees, so please be warned and inform yourself before making a decision regarding this RBL.


Frequently asked questions about this RBL: 

Why do you keep monitoring this RBL if it appears fake/scammy?
We try to remain impartial on such matters, since there is no way that we can verify whether they are fake or not. We believe that it’s our clients’ right to know if they are blacklisted on this RBL or not, then they can use their own judgment and free will to decide whether to take this RBL seriously or not. We will not forcefully make this decision for our clients.
As with any other RBL, if you personally consider it to be useless, you can ignore it for your entire account, as described here: https://docs.hetrixtools.com/ignore-a-blacklist/
Back in Feb 2016 we’ve issued a warning on our forum, related to this RBL: