RBLs: b.barracudacentral.org, bb.barracudacentral.org

RBL type: IPv4 blacklist

Website: http://barracudacentral.org/

Lookup link: http://barracudacentral.org/lookups

Delisting link: <same as lookup link>

Contact link: http://barracudacentral.org/contact

Delisting procedure: Like with any other delisting request on any other blacklist, make sure you’ve first fixed the issues that got your IP blacklisted in the first place. Then, use the lookup form on their website to look your IP up in their system, if the IP is blacklisted, the result will contain a delisting link. Following that link will take you to a form that you’ll need to fill out and submit, in order to register your delisting request into their system. Make sure not to submit an IP for delisting multiple times, as the delisting request will be ignored.