Update [April 25 2019]: The domain is now parked by a parking company. This DNS change has rendered the RBL issuing 100% false positives, marking every IP address as being blacklisted. Any mail server that is still using this RBL to filter out emails will see all sending IPs as being blacklisted (false positives) and in consequence will be rejecting all the incoming emails.

Update [April 8 2017]: We’re no longer monitoring this RBL.

RBL: bad.psky.me

RBL type: IPv4 blacklist

Website: http://psky.me/

Lookup link: <none>

Delisting link: <none>

Contact link: <none>

Contact details: We couldn’t find any available methods of contacting this RBL.

Delisting procedure: As of writing this article bad.psky.me has no delisting or lookup form available on their website. Based on our statistics this RBL delists IPs automatically, after some time has passed, once they consider the spam issues have been fixed.

Additional info: This RBL seems to get a lot of its data from the spamhaus RBLs, so if your IPs are blacklisted on both of these RBLs, you should work towards fixing your spam issues and getting delisted from spamhaus first. Once you’ll be delisted from spamhaus, then bad.psky.me should automatically delist you too, if they consider your spam issue to be fixed.

Frequently asked questions about this RBL:

Why do you monitor this RBL if it has no contact, no delisting and no lookup forms available?
Whether we monitor this RBL or not, will not chance the way it operates, and it will not change the fact that some server/network admins use this RBL to block your traffic. This being said, we believe that our clients have the right to know if they’re blacklisted on this RBL or not, and then, using their own free will and judgment, decide if they wish to take this RBL seriously or not; we will not forcefully make this decision for our clients.

Can you help me get delisted from this RBL? / Can you help me contact this RBL?
All the information that we’ve got about bad.psky.me is posted in this documentation article.
We are not affiliated with this RBL, nor can we contact its admins directly.

What is your (HetrixTools) advice in regards to this RBL?
– First and foremost, fix any spam issues that your IPs may have, even if you think there are no spam issues you should double/triple check to make sure.
– Work towards getting your IPs delisted from any other RBLs they may be blacklisted on, the bad.psky.me should automatically delist your clean IPs as well.
– If you believe this RBL is useless, you have the ability to ignore it in your account, like described here: https://docs.hetrixtools.com/ignore-a-blacklist/