[August 15, 2017]

Due to a hardware failure on a critical node, we’ve experienced an outage around 2 hours long on 15 Aug 2017.

At 14:04 (UTC) our on-site techs were alerted that one critical server in our infrastructure was suffering an outage. Due to this server playing a critical role in our infrastructure, the entire platform had to be taken offline, until this server’s functionality was restored.

Shortly after the outage had been detected, our techs have contacted our datacenter’s support, which in return started investigating the issue.

At 16:07 (UTC) our techs were able to bring the entire platform back online, after the datacenter’s support had fixed the hardware issue on the affected server.

The total downtime of 2 hours and 3 minutes, has affected all of our services. No uptime monitoring or blacklist monitoring notifications were dispatched during this outage.

All of our services have now been fully restored.