The short answer would be: no, we do not give out the affiliate commission as a discount for the clients which have not been referred to our website by any of our affiliates.

You may ask yourself “why? you would have paid those affiliates the commission anyway, if they brought me to your website”.

This is a common misconception. If an affiliate brought you to our website, they would have spent time and possibly even money to bring you here, so they can earn that affiliate commission.

While if you got to our website through a non-affiliate channel, be it an organic channel or a paid channel, it was us (HetrixTools) who have spent that time and money to bring you here, so the affiliate commission is in no way an extra bonus for us if you are not referred by anyone. It simply goes into our own promotion funding and efforts.

So, you see, whether an affiliate works for that commission or we work for it ourselves to promote our own business, the commission cannot be simply discounted from your order price.

This being said, our prices are already incredibly low and we do offer further discounts for high volumes and custom packages, so be sure to contact our sales department if you wish to discuss a custom package that would fit your exact needs.