When you first add your blacklist monitors to our platform, the system will start the initial check-up.

The initial check-up will not generate any notifications, as our system only notifies you when it detects any changes (i.e.: when your IPs get listed or delisted from any RBLs), and the initial check-up does not detect any changes, since it has nothing to compare the results to.

After the initial check-up, your blacklist monitors will be checked again every X hours, depending on which package you are on. If our system will detect any changes of your blacklist monitors after the initial check-up, it will generate notifications for you.

Our system does not send a notification for each blacklist monitor you have, as some users may have thousands or tens of thousands of blacklist monitors, and a notification for each of them would represent a lot of Spam. So, our system will stack up these notifications and send them all at once to you in hourly notifications.

You can select in your Account Settings for how many hours should our system stack up your notifications:


The stacked notifications will be sent to you every X hours, depending on which value you select for the setting mentioned above.

Notifications are sent to the contact list assigned to your blacklist monitors.