In addition to getting 10% commission from any invoice paid by the users that you refer to us, you will also earn extra Blacklist Monitors and Uptime Monitors for all of the active referrals that you have. Furthermore, your referrals will also get extra monitors for signing up via your affiliate link.

The idea is simple: everyone you refer will get a boost of free monitors, and at the same time, while they remain active, they’ll increase your monitor limits as well.

Here’s how it works:

  • Any user that signs up for an account on our platform via your affiliate link will become one of your referrals, and they will receive 16 extra Blacklist Monitors and 3 extra Uptime Monitors towards their maximum monitor limits.
  • A referral is considered being active if they’ve performed any action in their dashboard during the past 30 days.
  • All of your active referrals will earn you extra monitors. You will get 8 extra Blacklist Monitors and 2 extra Uptime Monitors towards your monitor limits, from each one of your active referrals, up to a maximum of 256 extra Blacklist Monitors and 50 extra Uptime Monitors.

You can easily see these stats in your Affiliate Dashboard:

The conditions described in this article are the same for every affiliate and referral on our platform, regardless of whether or not they are a free or paying user.

The extra monitors are persistent through package upgrades/downgrades.