Are you looking for a Pingdom alternative? Here’s a few reasons why HetrixTools Uptime Monitoring could be the perfect choice for you.

  1. As opposed to Pingdom, we do have a Free package that has a lot of the premium features of our paid packages, being limited mostly by quantity and not by quality. If you’re just going to need a few uptime monitors, there’s no reason for you to pay for an uptime monitoring service. This means that you can enjoy most of our premium features on your Free package, without having to pay a cent.
  2. If you do decide to go for one of our paid packages, our prices are about 5 times cheaper than Pingdom. This is, of course, something we should all consider when buying any products or services, may it be online or offline.
  3. We’ve included our Server Monitoring in all of our Uptime Monitoring packages, for FREE, at no extra cost.
  4. Our platform gives you the ability to create beautiful personalized uptime status pages and uptime reports, which can even be fully white labeled (your domain, logo, icons, colors, etc.) and they can even be fully embedded directly into your website. Pingdom does offer a form of uptime status page, but it is very limited and it is never fully white label, meaning they get to keep two links back to their website, on your uptime reports, all the time.
  5. Furthermore, our public status pages allow you to attach a Twitter feed to them, where you can keep your clients updated on uptime issues, in real time. Our public uptime status pages allow you to post announcements for incidents, and even password protect the entire uptime status page, so you can allow selective access to it. Last, but not least, our uptime status pages allow your users to scroll back in time, not just displaying the last 7 days like the Pingdom uptime status page does. Here’s a guide on how you can easily build your own beautiful personalized uptime status page on our platform:
  6. We have a lot more methods that you and your staff can get alerted on, if any of your uptime monitors goes down, such as: Slack, Hipchat, Pagerduty, Pushbullet, Pushover, SMS, Twitter. All of these alert methods are available on all of our packages, free and paid alike.
  7. Our platform has a larger variety of payment options. While Pingdom only accepts credit cards, here on HetrixTools we accept: PayPal, credit/debit cards, and bitcoin payments via Stripe.
  8. Among other types of uptime monitors, you can also monitor your SMTP server’s functionality using our platform, and know exactly when and if it starts to malfunction or goes down.
  9. We may not have as many checking locations as Pingdom does, but our uptime checking algorithm is surely different from theirs, as our platform simultaneously checks from all selected locations, instead of 1-2 locations at a time, thus having a much greater accuracy. This is extremely important, because when checking from all of the locations at the same time, there is way more data from which our system determines if your website is online or offline, than when checking from just 1-2 locations at a time. All of this is explained in our documentation here:
  10. Being considerably smaller than Pingdom, we can attend way better to our clients and their needs. Our customer support is always paying attention to details and very friendly to talk to. Support tickets are answered around the clock, most of them within just minutes. Furthermore, we have live chat enabled on our website for most of the day. And the foundation of it all, a rich documentation, filled with helpful articles on how you can better use our platform.

Now, we’re not saying Pingdom is bad in any way, or that HetrixTools is better. They most certainly have been doing this for a much longer time than we have, and they have some features that we do not yet have implemented, their pricing structure can surely attest to this. There is no best service out there, in any niche, there’s just the best service that fits your needs. You may not need everything included in the Pingdom packages, and you may wish to opt for a much cheaper alternative, such as HetrixTools.

We have several clients that have mentioned they moved away from Pingdom to HetrixTools for exactly some of the reasons mentioned in this article, pricing being one of the points that came up most often.

So give it a try. It won’t cost you anything to see if our Free package fits your needs. If you ever decide to upgrade to a paid account, then that’s great, but it’s also extremely fine with us if you decide to remain on the Free package forever.